Real Estate Photography

When putting your home or condo up for sale on the real estate market, there is only so much words can do; for this reason, Real Estate photography images should play a role when you are ready to post your property, or list it with a real estate agent. The saying “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” rings true in the world of real estate. If you tell a buyer that the property is a waterfront condo, or tell them the bedrooms are huge, but do not show them, you are not going to get the same results and interest, as a property that posts dozens of photos with their property online or with a real estate agent.

Appeal –


High quality Real estate photography, well lit images, those taken at the right angles, and the photos that truly showcase the house, and the features you want the buyer to see, are going to elicit more appeal than words. When you put a picture to the words describing the property, a buyer no longer has to imagine it, as they can actually see what is in front of them, and can see the description you have offered to them in words.

Showcase the features –

Showcase the features

You can use photography to highlight the features that make your property stand out against others that are for sale in the local area. You can take photos of a fireplace, granite counter tops, a fully updated kitchen and bathroom, and any other remodeling work you have done. For buyers, this is critical to drawing them in, to getting them interested in a property, and to get them to contact the listing agent, so that they will come in to actually see the property in person, rather than just skim over it.

What words can’t describe –

What words cant describe

Photography also comes in handy when you have a feature, or something that you want to show the buyer, that you just can’t put in to words. There might be certain things you do not know how to describe, or there might be something in your home that you can’t describe in words, and it can only truly be explained by a photo; for this reason, including photos with your listing is a must if you want to get the buyer in the door, and get them to show an interest in the property that you want to sell.view our

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Distinguishes your property –

Distinguishes your property

If there are 100 houses listed for sale in your area, and people can look them up online, or call a real estate agent to help them find a home, if you used photography and took shots of the property, rather than simply described it in words, your property is going to elicit far more interest. Especially when running a search online; interested buyers are going to want to see what the home has to offer, before they really show an interest, and schedule a showing, so that they can come in to see if it is really a home or a condo that they would be interested in possibly purchasing.

Angles & Lighting –

Angles & Lighting

Just as important as it is to add the photos in, you might want to contact a photography studio, or call a professional to take the photos for you, if you want to get the property sold quickly. If the lighting showcases certain features, and if the photos that are taken really show off the property, and what it has that other homes do not, you are going to find buyers are far more interested in your posting, in comparison to the other properties that are listed for sale online and on the sites they look through.

There is only so much that words can describe. When you can’t quite describe something, or if you simply want to attract more buyer interest, the use of photos when posting your property or listing it for sale, is a plus in your favor. Buyers can actually see what you are describing to them, rather than have to try and use their imagination; this not only gives them more to look forward to if they are interested, it is a pro that is going to make them avoid passing up seeing the home, and actually calling the listing agent for more information on the property. If you are in need of Calgary virtual tours  visit our page to view what we can do for you.